First Stage of Learning CorelDraw

he first stage of learning CorelDraw.

For you, the first using a new design softaware corelDraw. the first thing you should do when opening software corelDraw is setting on your worksheet covers
  1. Document name
  2. The size of the
  3. Type Color
  4. Resolution
  5. and etc.

Here's how to set up the worksheet CorelDraw

  • or the paper size. As in the Microsoft Word program, you can choose the size, legal, letter, A4, and so on;
  • Width and height, to change the width and the length of the paper if you have your own paper size;
  • Next to the width, you can find the type size. This is to make it easier if you have the size of the Width and Height of its own, for example centimeters;
  • Primary color mode, the color setting is. CMYK is commonly used if you want to print the results of your design. Whereas RGB nicer if the results of your design just for digital media, e.g. for computer wallpaper, website banners, and others;
  • Rendering resolution 300 dpi, select if you want to print the pictures. For documents whose contents text only, can select 150 dpi.
  • For other settings leave alone. Next select OK.

Well, we're ready to try the usual tools I use to draw on Corel Draw

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