How To start a Drawing In CorelDraw | Fast and Easy

CorelDRAW is one of graphic design software that is popular around the world, the ease make provided tools for CorelDraw software design that's easy to use, features color and format file provided is also very complete.

RGB or CMYK surely will give to you our satisfaction for the design that you want to print or publication for digitally.

If it is your first time using CorelDraw then you can follow thephases in using CorelDraw.

1. Create a new worksheet

  1. On the display of the welcome screen you can click Get Started > New document
  2. You can also create a new menubar through File dokument >New
  3. The third way you can click the New document Icon
Enter the name of the file that you will create in the file namebox

Here are the parts that you can Fox suits your needs for print or only for digital publications.
  1. CorelDRAW default  applies the default settings for CorelDRAW creating graphics that are destined for printing
  2. CMYK  applies default settings for creating graphics that aredestined for commercial printing
  3. RGB  applies default settings for creating graphics that are destined for printing to a high-fidelity printers
  4. Web — applies settings for creating graphics that are destinedfor the Internet
  5. Custom  lets you customize settings for a destination document

2. How to save a File

to do your design results storage can be done by three ways:
  1. Click the Save Icon on the Bar
  2. Click File > Save/Save As 
  3. By pressing CTRL + S on your keyboard

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