Shaping tools Tutorial in Corel Draw - Weld Trim Intersect Simplify Front Minus Back Back Minus Front Create Boundary

In this tutorial you will learn the techniques and knowing the difference between 1 a menu with another menu.

1. Weld

Weld function to combine two or more objects become 1 objects that are intact and can not be separated again. To try out this function create two pieces of simple objects such as the "square" and give a different color and hover the second object;

Then the second selection of the objects on the property bar will appear on the tools menu, click the first shaping:

After you click then both pieces of the object will be grouped in terms of color or shape and can not disipsahkan again.

Note the color of the object result weld would follow the colors of the selected object, in this tutorial coloured object last selected blue after the color red then the color object to weld results follow the color blue. If the last selected is red then the object will result in red.

The difference with weild the combine (Ctrl + L)

The combine is not included in shaping but has a function similar to the Weld that is combining objects, the difference is if the object that the command given weld could not be separated, then combine with the command object can be separated again with the command Break Apart (Ctrl + K) it's just that combine nature accumulate objects without bringing together so that there will be cavities between two objects in a unified, note the example below :

The function of the combine is more suitable to merge two separate objects.

Command Group (Ctrl + G)

The Group also has the same functionality that is combining different but much of Weld and Combine, incorporate some of the only Group objects into 1 container but do not change any of those objects, note the picture below:

2. Trim

The trim function to trim or cut parts of an object with another object as the cutting edges. The first selected object will be the last object and cutting into the cut, look at the example below:

3. Intersect

Intersect terfavorite and shaping tools are most widely used from the menu, the function itself is shaping forms a wedge between her fruit objects that overlap these slices form, the results of the third object or a new object from two existing objects:

4. Simplify

This function is similar to the function of Trim advantage is it can be used for many of the object and all objects and cut one another. That became a distinguishing feature is the object that is located above that will be a Cutter:

5. Front Minus Back

Front Minus Back serves to cut the object. Object under objects that are cut will be on top of it and cutting objects (objects) will disappear automatically, consider the example:

6. Back Minus Front

This function is the opposite of the Front Minus back Minus Front, if in the back of the object below which became cutting then Back Minus Front object in top which became a cutter even if you select the object below first:

7. Create Boundary

Create Boundary function to form new objects of two objects of the same size that has combined with two objects merged but have no color, arguably this function is a combination of a function of the Weld and Intersect:

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Shaping tools Tutorial in Corel Draw - weld Trim Intersect Simplify Front Minus Back Back Minus Front Create Boundary

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